Why are we writing this blog?

Both of us share a passion for health, fitness, and wellness, as do many people. So, what sets us apart? Hopefully what sets us apart is the very reason that you are reading this. We are combining our interests into a single blog where you, our reader, can hang out and read, view, and learn about health, fitness, and wellness news and information, and then integrate the parts that you want into your life.

The vast amount of health, fitness, and wellness information available to the public can be downright confusing and challenging to sort through. One personal trainer swears by interval training, while another takes a more conservative traditional approach. One nutritionist tells you that “Paleo” is the only way to eat, while another tells you to limit your red meat, eat whole grains, legumes, and fruits & vegies.

Our goal is to create a place where the myriad of credible health, fitness, and wellness information out there is sorted through and presented to you in a simple uncluttered format. We also hope to be a resource for you when you are looking for good information about your body, your exercise routine, and lifestyle.

Join us for our newsletter and blog articles and really become part of our family of trusted resources and readers. Frequent fitness challenges, Google hangouts, interviews, “how-to” videos, and your feedback will keep us all on track. The information in the newsletter will not always be the same as that in the blog, and vice versa, so be sure and read it all.

Ok, to dig a little deeper into why we are so passionate about sharing all of this information with you, we believe that there is more than one health and fitness “truth”. We believe that your truth is unique to you. Just because Sue prefers to eat 5-6 times/day it doesn’t mean that is what your body needs. Not because Carina chooses to focus more on strength training than on cardio workouts, means that is the best for you.

What about your friend who meditates every morning and tells you that you have to try it in order to focus, deal with stress, and be happy? Is that your “truth”? Perhaps. Maybe you prefer to start your day with a good breakfast and workout at lunchtime. As you can see, the list goes on and on…

Our blog is a valuable resource for your health, fitness, and wellness. Let’s begin this journey together!