My daughter & I In Disney
Carina & Daughter In Disney

Hi, I am Carina Franco. I have always been a dreamer and an entrepreneur at heart. I love

learning from other people’s journeys. In fact, I used to watch the Biography show Biography and read famous and not so famous people´s journeys, which has always inspired me.

I have a degree in Psychology and I am very interested in understanding the reasons why we get motivated or demotivated to take action and how people have overcome their challenges.

The health, fitness, and wellness industry fascinates me. I love to read and experiment with all of that.

I am on a simple healthy life journey, having realized that all the clutter steals life from us, my goal is to discover and share simple and fulfilling ways of living, with you through our blog.

I also have been so captivated by the internet lifestyle and all the advantages that this amazing media provides to humanity.

I am originally from Mexico City but have been living in Vancouver B.C. Canada for over 12 years, and recently, I came back to Mexico for a while. I have been blessed with the opportunity to live and experience 2 worlds which have opened my horizons and have changed, big time, the way I see life.

I am married to a Canadian wonderful man and we have a beautiful daughter together.
I worked in Mexico and Vancouver B.C. in marketing as well as in the ad sales department. To fulfil my dream of being an entrepreneur, I started a marketing research company with one of my friends from school. Although we were doing well, major corporations started to take over the market making it harder to compete. As a result, a few years later we shut the company down.

Following my enterprising aspirations, I decided to pursue the internet lifestyle. I have always known that trading my time for money in a job, would never allow me to be prosperous and happy. Also I have seen the incredible opportunity that internet offers.

The glitch was that although I knew I wanted the nice house, the nice body, the time to be with my family, the freedom of doing what I wanted, the so called “internet lifestyle”, I got lost in this huge cyber clutter of “the next best thing” forgetting everything I learned in my marketing career and more importantly my true goal and passion.

So I have decided to blend my three passions (biographies which are basically part of personal development, fitness and online marketing) and document my journey and findings in a blog.

My commitment is to share with you my research, discoveries, my own experiences and challenges in this simple healthy life an exciting journey within and hopefully, inspire you to live your own journey, and together learn and enjoy life in a fun, real and simple way.

You can read more about my work on my Google+ Profile Carina Franco