Spring, Where Are Your New Years´s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions gone by the wayside

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Have your New Year’s resolutions gone by the wayside?  If you are like many others, the answer is unequivocally “yes”. You had great intentions around the beginning of the year.  You joined the gym, bought a Fitbit, wrote down your health and fitness goals, and slowly but surely, it is not happening!

Never fear, you are normal.  Most people do not stick to their resolutions that were set with such good intention, but just are not becoming habitual and easy to follow.  In fact, this is such a common phenomenon, that we wrote an article about it.

 Remind yourself as to why you made them

I would like to suggest that you reflect upon why you made your resolutions in the first place.  Were you unhappy with your current exercise program, or, lack of exercise program?  Did your doctor tell you that you need to start exercising?  Were you feeling like you were bloated and gaining weight through the holidays?

Whatever your reason, it was strong enough to motivate you to take action.  If it was based on a real need, such as a health concern, you will be able to find that motivation again.  If it was based on hearsay, or a suggestion by someone else, but not from your heart, you may not return to it.

Let the new energy of the season motivate you

I love spring!  The days are longer, weather is warmer (in many places at least), and the signals from the universe about growth and renewal are everywhere!  It is time to come out of hibernation, just like wild animals do, and re-connect with your body.

Spring is when life’s alive in everything  –  Christina Rossetti

Here are a few ideas for steps that you can take to redirect your health and fitness back onto the tracks.

1.   Take some time to think about what you want and why you want it.

2.    Take action.  Get back to the gym, hire a trainer, sign up for a series of classes (don’t  just take one class),  buy a fitness tracker if that would help you, scan the internet for some easy healthy recipes.

3.    Let yourself be inspired and grow.  For me, this applies to my desire to eat healthier.  Spring is a great time to make some changes to your winter diet.  Find some fun new salad recipes, or just make up your own.  Spend time in the fruit and vegetable sections at the store taking in the sights and perhaps good smells of fresh spring produce.  Where I live, berries are coming back to the shelves.

Maybe you feel inspired to incorporate more or different movement into your life.  You now feel motivated to go for walks after work.  You are starting to think about wearing summer dresses and shorts, or, a summer vacation.   Some people are highly motivated by short-term goals such as these, while others, maybe yourself, have the bigger picture in mind.  It doesn’t matter.  Let spring inspire you to move more!

4.    Be good to yourself.  Remind yourself that you are “recharging” and redirecting your energy toward your health and fitness.  Just because you have gotten off-track from your resolutions or goals, doesn’t meant that you cannot get there.  How would you treat a child who came to you for help because they were struggling with their math homework?  Would you encourage them to try their best, or berate them for failing?

In Summary

Use the energy of spring to guide your body and your mind.  Revisit those resolutions that you either made, or were thinking about making, and see if you can revitalize some that energy. Why did you want to make the changes in the first place?  What is driving you to still want to do so?  In the end, it is all about treating yourself with respect and moving forward.

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