Set Up Your Home Gym

As a personal trainer, I hear a lot of my clients say that they would love to set up a home workout space, followed by a list of reasons why it hasn’t happened yet.  Why does it sound like such a great idea, but they haven’t done it yet?  The few clients who have done so are very happy that they have this great space to workout at home whenever they want to!

Let’s take a look at why setting up your own home workout space is a super good idea.

A home workout space is convenient

At the top of the list is convenience.  You really cannot beat the convenience of working out in your own living space, whether it be in your basement, garage, or extra bedroom.  I just heard about someone who converted a barn on their property into their home gym with an assortment of exercise equipment.  What a great idea!

For an individual who wants to work out a few times a week before going to work in the morning, having your own space can make it so much easier than having to head out to the gym at 6 a.m..  The convenience of slipping into shorts and a tank top and heading downstairs for even a short workout seems way too nice to pass up.  Maybe you meet your personal trainer a couple times a week, or take an early morning exercise class a couple times a week, but want to get some exercise the other mornings without having to leave the house.

Some people prefer to work out when the kids are napping, or have gone to bed, or maybe that is the only chance that they get, so having a space at home is the answer.  Other people prefer to have their personal trainer come to them instead of going to a gym or exercise studio.

A home workout space is economical

Gym memberships, classes, and personal trainers do cost money!  If that isn’t in your wheelhouse right now, setting up a simple home workout space could be just the ticket.  You really don’t need a lot of fancy equipment.  Plenty can be done with an exercise ball, resistance bands or tubing, a yoga mat, and a few different dumbbells or kettlebells.  Even a set of stairs and a railing to attach resistance bands to are enough to get you going.

Set Up Your Home Gym

You can easily add pieces of equipment as you see fit, or as your pocket book sees fit.  Many people already have an extra TV or laptop computer that they can use for DVD’s or YouTube videos.  Used exercise bikes are easy to find and treadmills, while a little less available, are often listed for sale as well.

A home workout space is customizable

You can create whatever you want!  Perhaps you want a Zen-like space where you can meditate and practice yoga.  Painting a room in soft colors with low lighting and adding some carpets could be all that you need.  If a weight lifting room is more your cup of tea, then you can get some rubberized floor mats and a weight bench or exercise ball to use as your weight bench, some weights, and even a TRX suspension system that can be attached to a closed door or hung from a rafter.

A home workout space is “fun”ctional

Putting the function into your workouts is paramount.  Let’s say that you are a cyclist and are training for an event but just don’t have the time or availability to go on training rides during the week.  Having your bike set up in your home with access to good music or a TV can save your bacon when it comes to actually doing your big riding event.

Another scenario could be that you see a personal trainer a couple of times a week and want to practice the new exercises that they teach you, or just do them another time or two in between your personal training sessions.  Your home gym is a great place for that.

A home workout space is private

Set Up Your Home GymSome people prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own space.  For whatever reason, this is important to them and they are most comfortable this way.  There is nothing wrong with this.  Gyms and exercise studios are not for everyone.  Probably the best argument for having  your own space is that you can control the music!

One word of caution, however, is that it is a very good idea to make sure that you are using proper form, whether you are lifting weights, practicing yoga or Pilates, or doing a body weight circuit.  Checking in with a trainer once in a while, or on a regularly scheduled basis is smart.

Your kids can watch you exercise

If you have children, and choose to exercise when they are home and around you, it is a great opportunity for them to see you being active.  They just might decide to join you.  I teach a Pilates mat class to moms with their preschoolers.  While the kids are busy playing much of the time, they also spontaneously join in and do what their moms are doing!  They are learning at a very young age that it is important for Mom to exercise, as well as learning that exercise can be fun.

A home workout space is a darn good idea

Having a space to exercise at home is such a bonus, it is a mystery why more people don’t have one.  If fitness and healthy active lifestyle are important to you, consider setting yourself up for success at home as well as at the gym, studio, or the great outdoors.

If I didn’t have a designated space where I can lie on my foam roller or sit on a clean floor to stretch, I likely would not do it at all at home.  Do you hear what I am saying?  It really is that simple!

Check back for future articles about how to set up your home exercise space, reviews of fitness equipment, and suggested workouts to do at home.


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