Is Detoxing A Safe Way To Lose Weight?


You may have already seen a lot of ads on TV and on the newspaper promoting currently-popular weight loss and wellness techniques called “detox diets”.

What are detox diets? and are they a safe and helpful way for losing weight? Let us find out whether detox diets are helpful when it comes to the process of burning fat, and effective weight loss. (more…)

Connect To Your Fascial System

fascia meme

Have you heard of fascia? It is more likely now that you will have heard of it than even 10-15 years ago. Your body is made up of this intricate 3-D web of connective tissue, known as fascia. This web literally permeates your entire body and holds you together! It has no beginning point, and no end point, sort of like an infinity loop. (more…)

How To Prepare For A Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meme

American Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and for many people, it invokes a bit of anxiety. “I don’t want to gain weight”, “How do I eat healthy foods when all these temptations are right in front of me?”, “I already feel fat and sluggish, this is going to make me feel worse”, and so on…. (more…)

How To Read Nutrition Facts Labels For Weight Loss?

Sometimes reading nutrition facts labels could be kind of confusing, making it hard to let you choose the right foods, for you and your family.

nutrition facts labels for weight loss

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How Much Sugar Are You Really Taking In Every Day?

Many times you feel that you are eating well, but you still don´t lose weight, even when you do exercise. You have a lot of cravings or you are always tired and you don´t know why.

Sugar or any form of it, has been considered one of our biggest enemies, we eat a lot more than we think. Probably you don´t even have much table sugar in your coffee or tea. You cut out deserts, but you still keep struggling with all these issues.

Check the infographic below to see how much sugar you are eating.

Now, are there better options than Refined White Sugar? Check out here a comparison between Sugar, Coconut Sugar and Honey.

How much sugar you eat?

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Well, this is the cruel story about your real sugar consumption that probably you haven´t considered much.

And you, what is your story about sugar consumption. Did you realize how much sugar you are really consuming?

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Check here to learn healthier ways to sweeten your foods


How To Go Organic Without Breaking Your Wallet

eat organic foods

The natural and organic food craze is fast sweeping the world today. Why is this happening? According to most health and wellness experts, more people consider going organic as a novel way for eating healthy, and warding off diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, obesity and other disorders.

However, one of the major drawbacks of going organic all the way, is the price. Walk around the aisles of the neighborhood grocery or market, and you will find out how expensive organic food can be, as compared to the regular, processed food items.


Laugh it up!


Laughter has been called “the best medicine” throughout history. It is widely acceptable in many social situations and is truly a universal language. How and why we laugh appears to be largely instinctive and spontaneous, and not a consciously controlled response, sort of like a sneeze. (more…)