Mindset Mistakes While Losing Weight

Trying to lose body fat and get fitter is often a big challenge.

The real problem is not really knowing what to eat, for example if you should eat vegan, eat a gluten free diet and so on. Nor is it the exercises you should do, which could be a bunch of cardio, strength exercises, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc.

Actually, the problem that we encounter when trying to achieve any kind of fitness goal is when we try to force it into our already busy lives.

These are 5 big mindset mistakes we make while losing weight or getting fit

Food scarcity mindset:

We eat all the junk food available because when we are on a “diet” we believe that we won´t be able to eat it again. Perhaps we have to eat grandma´s special chocolate cookies now that she has made them, since who knows when we will have them again. The problem is that we don´t eat just one or two cookies, we eat them all.

Now, something similar happens to me. If there is junk food available, especially at home, I feel the obligation to eat it ASAP so I get rid of the temptation. Now this could be a special problem if you live with other people who keep unhealthy food around.


Give yourself permission to eat some of that delicious but forgiven food without feeling any guilt. Stop focusing on the idea of not being able to eat it again.

Will power mindset:

Leaving your food or fitness options to your will power is not a very effective strategy.
Avoiding eating tempting foods by forcing yourself to ignore them, not only is torture, but also it ironically drains your will power which makes you eat that food at the end.


The best solution is not to have tempting food available at home. If it is not there, you don´t have it.

Eating the magic food mindset:

Eating healthy foods like kale, avocado, berries, or any other super foods won´t cut it if the rest of the diet is unhealthy.

These super foods can only work their wonders on your body if you have an overall healthy diet.

For instance, having a pop that is advertised as “natural” and sweetened with stevia, rather than regular sugar, is still a pop. Yes, you can have it now and then but it will never be as good as water.

Bottom line, the benefits of eating some healthy foods won’t have much of an impact if your other choices are not healthy.


Little by little introduce more healthy foods to your diet. For example eat kale once a week. Also exclude some unhealthy choices. For instance, if you are drinking 2 glasses of pop a day, just drink one.

Perfectionist mindset:

5 Big Mindset Mistakes We Make While Losing Weight And Getting A Fit Lean Body.
Don´t Make It To Complicated To Start. Like Counting The Exact Calories You Need To Eat

One of the big reasons why we don´t start eating better or doing exercise is because we make it so hard to do. Sometimes we have the idea that if the diet or exercise program doesn´t follow a plan, it´s better not to do it at all.

In the beginning, performance (or how perfect the diet or exercise program are) doesn´t matter. what matters is getting used to the new behavior and sticking to it. Eventually you can work on making it better.


If you haven´t exercised for a while, or you are introducing a new way of eating, start with something very simple. Don´t be concerned if you skip some days. Also do not worry about what is the best food to incorporate in to your diet or the best exercise routine, just start and move on from there.

Remember, in the beginning, performance is not important. What matters is that you make the new behavior consistent.

Exercise is a waste of time mindset:

In this fast paced modern world, we are normally responding to emergencies. If we eat junk food and don´t exercise for one single day we won´t perceive any changes in our body. There are not immediate consequences.

This mindset causes us to leave these healthy habits for later. We get busy with other things like work, kids, etc. that apparently are more urgent since they present more immediate consequences.


Focus on the immediate pleasurable results exercise and eating healthy offer. After a good exercise session you can feel the pleasurable dopamine effects. Same thing with eating healthy, you will feel satisfied, light and with the necessary energy to keep going.

Final Thoughts:

It is important to remember that the mindset you have while becoming healthier is probably more important than the actual things you are trying to do to achieve that.

The wrong mindset will sabotage your efforts or make them very challenging and no fun at all.

The process is more important than the end result. Make sure to enjoy it and be kind to yourself every time you fall off the wagon.

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