fat loss review, does it really work?

 What’s All The Fuss With The Fat Loss Factor Program?

Fat Loss Factor
Fat Loss Factor Review

Losing weight is perhaps one of the toughest challenges nowadays (especially with all the

fast-food joints around). Many of you may have already tried different diet programs or products which promise “fast” and “quick” fat and weight loss.

If you are reading this, chances are you are still in search of the ideal solution to this persistent problem over and over again, and you‘ve probably become cynical with most fat-loss products too.

The sad thing is that there are just too many weight-loss programs that peddle nothing but crap, and the only thing they’re good at is taking your money.

With that in mind, let’s review this program and see if it’s worth it.

What Is Fat Loss Factor Program?

Fat Loss Factor before-after belly
Before & After Belly

A recent study released by health experts in the United States reveals a disturbing trend – the rise in the number of people who are obese. While obesity has been increasingly mentioned as a major health issue in the industrialized world, the US has perhaps the highest obesity rates.

From a measly 13% in 1962, obesity rates have shot up and reached 26.6% in 2010. The US Centers for Disease Control also states that 35.7% of US adults and 17% of children are obese.

This program claims to be a revolutionary fat-reduction method that addresses this increasing problem of overweight.

This training program is actually a 12-week online-based weight reduction program that was designed to be easily followed, regardless of the individual’s fitness level. The training features four levels or choices:

  1. The Fat Loss Factor Diet
  2. The Intermediate Program
  3. The Rapid Weight Loss Program
  4. The Extreme Weight Loss Program

It also has two major phases – the “Detoxing Phase”, which lasts for two weeks, and the “Regular Phase”, which lasts for the remaining ten weeks.

Who Developed This Program?

Dr. Charles Livingston is the creator and author of “Fat Loss Factor”. He is an active chiropractic physician and also a venerated weight loss dietitian and consultant –apart from being a professional nutritionist, certified doctor and physical therapist.

He is an expert when it comes to fat loss. He is continually looking for innovative ideas to reduce the body weight by increasing the metabolism.

Dr. Livingston teaches an advanced weight loss approach to his patients to turn their unsuccessful life story in to bright one. All this was possible because of years of experience and his ideas.

He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic, graduating with honors, from the world-famous Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has studied a variety of healing techniques and has spent thousands of hours researching nutrition and weight loss.

Dr. Charles has dedicated most of his professional career to helping people naturally increase their body’s metabolism so that it becomes a true fat-burning machine.

How Does This Fast Loss Program Work?

The Fat Loss factor’s first phase is “cleansing”. The main objective of this stage is to eradicate toxins which have accumulated in the body for a long period of time.

According to Dr. Livingston, these harmful toxins hinder the individual’s effort to lose weight, because if the liver fails to break down cholesterol, fat will begin to accumulate inside it, and may lead to weight gain.

The program’s number one goal would be to fully restore the liver and enhance its ability to filter toxic substances, as well as eliminate the vicious cycle of fat accumulation.

This cleansing stage is perhaps the toughest of the whole course; you will need to avoid certain foods for at least two weeks. However, this іѕ crucial to achieve long-term weight loss.

Once you have reached the end of the stage, you will be able to enjoy eating other foods instead of staying on а strict diet for months only to regain the weight and fat.

After the cleansing stage is complete, the program proceeds to the second stage, which is the weight loss proper. You will be provided with a list of 15 foods that favor weight loss and you will also be advised to drink a large amount of water during this phase.

An exercise plan consisting of cardio workouts and strength training is also provided. Dr. Livingston promotes doing shorter cardio workouts, since they are more beneficial for weight loss that multi-hour marathons.

The workouts offer three levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. This means that you can do the exercises at your level of fitness, instead of forcing yourself to do workouts that your body may not be ready to do. The exercise routines may be challenging but, as some Fat Loss Factor reviews claim, you will start to see results.

Within the program, you also get a workout guide and recipe collection, to follow properly the training, and as the program claims, begin losing weight in 3 to 4 days. In addition you will receive a shopping guide with ideas on the food you should consume, while losing weight.

What Real People Say About the Program:

Fat Loss Factor Before & After
Before & After

So, overall the plan was followed by me for 25 days (28 – 3 days). The weight loss effect was negligible in the first 8 to 10 days. I think that once the detoxification proceeds, it boosts weight loss. So 8 pounds for 25 days is a very genuine reason for me to carry out further. Ashley (Testimony from Reviews God website Dec 19, 2012)

“I have tried “African mango” and all such diet plans, but Fat Loss Factor gives better results even though I don’t follow up to the desired mark. It has been about 16-17 days and I have lost around 3 pounds, it would have been more if I would have kept some more control on my diet habits”. Lisa Wilson (Testimony from Reviews God website Dec 15, 2012)

As you can see from the two comments above, This program can deliver quick results. Although in the case of Lisa, her results would have been more superior, but she admits that she failed to control her diet, which temporarily the diet plan’s completion. Bottom line, if you don’t apply the program, it won’t work.

“The system itself is very sound. Sure, almost all of the information is available elsewhere, but here it is compiled in a straightforward, easy to understand manner that can easily be adapted into everyday use. I’ve had plenty of doctors tell me to eat less and exercise more, but when asked for specific details, most of them are pretty bad at explaining how to do it…

…This system, in contrast, gives explicit details and well-illustrated examples of determining portion size, arranging a proper plate, cooking and volumizing techniques, even how to measure your inches and take before & after photos. The recipes in the recipe books look quite delicious and innovative. They’re gourmet quality, with a lot of attention given to flavor”. Erik (Testimony from Diet Spotlight website Feb 8, 2011)

According to Erik, this system offers easy-to-follow weight loss techniques and methods. The diet and food plan is also fully described, as food serving portions and cooking methods are explained in a manner that most people would easily grasp.

What’s Great About This Program?

This system apparently has a lot of benefits to those who faithfully follow it. For starters, this system actually suggests that you have a healthy diet, and do exercise regularly, instead of just relying on weight loss pills and other artificial or chemical-based products or methods.

Let us look at the other benefits of following the Fat Loss Factor diet program:

Fat Loss Factor Program
Fat Loss Factor

It is a Unique and Healthy Concept. Many people seem to agree that the program offers a unique and innovative technique for eliminating unsightly body fat, and attaining a healthy lifestyle. This program places greater emphasis on eating natural and organic foods, coupled with regular exercise. It also teaches you how to steer clear of artificial or chemical-based weigh loss pills or products.

It is Easy to Follow. Apparently, the Fat Loss Factor Plan offers an easy-to-follow plan or technique that is truly appropriate and applicable for all types of individuals. While the program focuses more on better nutrition and exercise, it won’t require you to dramatically change your daily routine, or lifestyle. The course also comes with video tutorial instructions and pointers which ensure you follow the program correctly. A logbook for tracking the level and intensity of your workouts is also provided.

It Can Easily Be Customized. The program can also easily be customized to suit your weight loss or diet requirements. The method actually is composed of different exercise routines for men and women, and includes workout plans for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It also features a series of “mini-workouts” that are perfect for busy individuals who do not have enough time for participating in long workouts.

The Program Has Great Customer Support. The system has a customer support team that quickly responds to customer comments and feedback. As a subscriber you will also get free lifetime updates, and other juicy extras that will surely make the program fun, easy to follow, and effective.

It Comes With an 8-Week Money-Back Guarantee. As a plus, this course offers the following guarantee. If after 60 days you decide that this training is not for you, all you have to do is email them and not only will you get a full refund, but you also get to keep the whole Fat Loss Factor system.

Program’s Perceived Drawbacks

The Fat Loss Factor weight loss program has gained a lot of praise from a great number of users, some however, have noted a few reservations or worries about the course.

Let us discuss a few of the perceived drawbacks:

It Requires a lot of Patience and Commitment. Well, for starters, the program may seem quite easy if you read it on print. The truth however, is that it requires a lot of patience and commitment from the participant, because the individual will need to undertake a few major changes to their eating habits, and will also be required to workout regularly, in order to get the best results.

It is a Long-Term Process. The course is not an overnight thing, but a long-term process that requires a lot of dedication. Participants should remember that the early weeks of detoxification itself can be a tough grind, and the individual need to commit to a regular workout plan.

Organic Food May Be a Bit Costly. The information given in the Fat Loss Factor book regarding organic vs. non organic food is an eye opener. It is clear that organic foods are a healthier way to go, the problem is that they can be pricey, becoming an obstacle for some that would like to lose weight. It seems that the E-book is a bit pushy on this.

A great way to go around that is, first to understand that to lose weight is a matter of changing your lifestyle, so begin by changing processed and refined foods for whole foods.

Then start slowly the transition to organic food. Some of the most important foods are meats, poultry and dairy due the added antibiotics and growth hormones. Then move on with fruits and veggies with thin skin (spinach, celery, berries).

To change your eating habits is definitely a good investment in the long term, because the health benefits are sure to outnumber the cost.

What Sets The Fat Loss Factor Program Apart From The Rest?

This program is not just about weight loss, but it also provides a more complete mind and

Fat Loss Factor Program
Fat Loss Factor Program

body conditioning program. The exercise routines outlined in the program are designed to

make the individual feel stronger, physically and mentally, and have greater resistance to stress and infections.

This system also tackles the common misconceptions about weight gain. For example, Dr. Livingston does not believe that a person’s genes determine their weight, it is their lifestyle.

He also points out that people with overweight relatives and parents can and have lost weight, and keep the weight off. If it was purely genetic, then no matter what they do, it would not work – yet these people have been able to maintain healthy weights.

This course claims to deal with the emotional and psychological side of dieting and weight loss, which no many programs do. For example, Dr. Charles notes that stress can definitely lead to weight gain. This is generally due to comfort eating, which many people often turn to every time they get upset, and because the body is under strain, it starts to store calories in response to an imminent threat.

You will get personal email coaching from Dr. Charles Livingston. Not many fitness and weight loss courses will include this coaching feature without charging extra for it. The weight-loss method also provides you with all the materials you need for changing your lifestyle, and offers helpful tips and tricks on fast and effective weight loss.

What Does This Training Program Come With?

  • The Fat Loss Factor Book – A manual that covers the main diet and fitness program.
  • The Master Cleanse Videos – Three Liver and body cleansing videos, showing you how to prepare for your full body cleanse.
  • The Workouts Plans –Workouts for the 3 different levels: Beginners Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Food Diary and Exercise Log – Your own Exercise Log to keep track of everything you do.
  • The FooJoo Software –A custom made software program that allows you to search 70 fast food restaurants and view Dr Livingston’s ratings for over 5000 of foods (You will learn which foods you can eat and which ones you can’t)
  • The Goal Setting Guide – A goal setting guide to help you with a clear cut road map to reach your own weight loss target.
  • Five Sample Workout Routines: 5 Sample workouts that blasts off fast in just 15 minutes.
  • Grocery Shopping List – A pre-created grocery list which will make it very easy to know which foods to buy.
  • The Fat Loss Factor Measurements Forms – The measurements form is a great way for you to track your progress as you loss inches and pounds each week.
  • Free Lifetime updates
  • One full year personal coaching via email
  • Plus other bonuses :
    • Bonus 1: A special recipe’s book which contains over 60 delicious meals and shakes developed by Lori Allen ( Dr. Charles Livingston working partner and a living testament in this program)
    • Bonus 2 : A video about what not to wear and how you can make yourself look slimmer by 10 pounds through your clothes
    • Bonus 3: A video on grocery shopping that teaches you exactly what to look for in a grocery store and what to look for when reading labels on food products.
    • Bonus 4: A 10 minute quick start video that takes you through the entire course to make it easy for you to get started.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

This program is priced at US$ 47. The price is reasonable considering all you get, as compared to coughing up more cash to go to the gym every day sometimes without results.

What’s more, at $4.95, a 14-day trial is also available for those who rather try the program before committing the full amount. With this, you also get the Fat Loss Factor Body Sculpting Blueprint, 12-month email coaching, and the Fat Loss Tool kit.

This system comes with an 8-week money-back guarantee, so if you are not totally satisfied with the product, you can easily return it within sixty days, not only will you get a full refund, but also you can keep the whole program.”

Ok, Is This Program Right For You?

Overall, according to the Fat Loss Factor program reviews and our research, this training course seems to be all-embracing and comprehensive weight loss method. The system also comes packed with step-by-step exercises and modalities which teach you how to lose weight and burn body fat, without negatively affecting your health, as well as your lifestyle.

The program also seems to efficiently blend all the main components of fat-loss success – nutrition, strength training and cardio training – in one powerful package.

This program however, requires a REAL effort and commitment from you (especially during the detoxification stage). Thus, if you are not willing to do what it takes, the program will not work for you.

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