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Fitness Is A Choice

Fitness is a choice

Fitness is a choice! That’s great news, right? We hear all the time about the actors who work out and how much weight they lose, or how great they look in a swimsuit. Sometimes you kind of wonder, do they choose fitness, or does fitness actually choose them? (more…)

Laugh it up!


Laughter has been called “the best medicine” throughout history. It is widely acceptable in many social situations and is truly a universal language. How and why we laugh appears to be largely instinctive and spontaneous, and not a consciously controlled response, sort of like a sneeze. (more…)

Can Positive Thinking Boost Your Fitness Level?

Positive Thinking
  Emotions and your body:

There has been a lot of research that discusses the power of positive thinking in your health and for that in your fitness level.

Positive thinking impacts your body on many levels, and also affects your actions, but at the same time, your body (biochemical and nutritional factors) also influences your mind. (more…)

My Experience Building Habits For A Simple Healthy Life On Holidays

My Experience Building Habits For A Simple Healthy Life On Holidays

This past week my husband, our daughter and I spent a whole week of family time in Mexico City. Some of those days my parents, other family members, or friends joined us for some of the activities (remember I am from Mexico City). It was a very lovely and fun time.

After setbacks this past year in my exercise and healthy eating routine, I started to build up my habits little by little again. Nine weeks before this holiday week, I started to build my first habit. : 5 min of exercise 3 times a week and 2 times a week of a simple qi gong routine (6 min).


Staying Young Mindset

Staying Young Mindset
Just how, exactly, do our thoughts influence our aging?

Do we act like a “young” 60, or an “old” 45? Let’s face it, we are all going to age. It is inevitable. How you age, though, barring unforeseen illness or injury, is up to you.

Putting aside discussions of how to eat, reduce stress, sleep well, and exercise regularly, what else determines how you age? You guessed it, your mindset also determines how you age.