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Dispel These 5 Fitness Myths

Dispel These 5 Fitness Myths

As a personal trainer, if I had a dollar for every time that I heard someone say that women don’t want to bulk up, so they don’t want to lift weights, I would be laughing all the way to the bank.  There is no shortage of health and fitness myths that, unless you take a little time to read about them, you simply just believe that they are true.  Here are a few common myths.  Perhaps you have heard some or all of these.  Maybe you are a believer, and after reading this article, you will change your mind. (more…)

Fitness Is A Choice

Fitness is a choice

Fitness is a choice! That’s great news, right? We hear all the time about the actors who work out and how much weight they lose, or how great they look in a swimsuit. Sometimes you kind of wonder, do they choose fitness, or does fitness actually choose them? (more…)

Connect To Your Fascial System

fascia meme

Have you heard of fascia? It is more likely now that you will have heard of it than even 10-15 years ago. Your body is made up of this intricate 3-D web of connective tissue, known as fascia. This web literally permeates your entire body and holds you together! It has no beginning point, and no end point, sort of like an infinity loop. (more…)

When It Comes To Fitness, Listen To Your Body

Take care of your body

We are all told numerous times by the media, family, friends, and our trainer that we need to exercise! Not only do we need to exercise, but it needs to be intense enough to burn lots of calories and strengthen our muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. For many people, exercise is a way to get in touch with their bodies, while for others, it is a struggle to connect with the one and only body that they live in.