Beliefs and Weight Loss

Like anything else in life, success is achieved by motivation, grit and positive thinking. This mindset should also be the norm when losing weight and cutting down on body fat. A number of academic studies have also confirmed that people’s beliefs affect their motivation to lose weight.

Let us discuss how your beliefs can set up the person for success or failure, in their weight loss journey.

To Effectively Lose Weight, You Need to First Change Your Mindset

Several studies have shown that one of the important factors that affect the success of weight loss is the person’s attitude.

If for example, the individual believes, and keeps on believing that he or she can make the changes needed to successfully lose weight, he/she will keep on pressing further until success is attained.

Most weight loss experts agree that what you think affects how you feel, and in turn the actions that you take.

How to Condition Your Mind to Achieve Weight Loss Success

There are different ways to condition the mind, so that this will always remain in tandem withthe individual’s weight loss efforts.

Let us review a few of the tested and proven strategies.

Understand Why You Eat. If you find yourself in front of the fridge, and want to eat

Beliefs & Weight Loss
Beliefs & Weight Loss

more (despite having eaten a lot earlier already), you will know that hunger is not the main reason. The urge to eat could be due to some negative emotion (anger, loneliness, stress, anxiety, boredom, depression).

A great way to go around this is to clear up your pantry and fridge. Make sure to have just healthy food even if they are treats. Remember this; if you don’t have it you won’t eat it.

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Practice Self-Talk. The process of self-talk is when the person looks at the mirror, and asks himself whether he feels okay with his current figure, or if he feels like something else needs to be done to correct the situation.

Self-talk, or the process where automatic thoughts or statements that you constantly make to yourself, can influence how you feel and act. Self-talk however, can be positive and destructive, rational and irrational. And when this is associated to “non-hungry eating”, self-talk can help re-program your response to situations or feelings that trigger overeating.

If you feel that you can’t or you don’t deserve to have a healthy body, then you will somehow sabotage your efforts towards your goal of losing weight.

Seek Feedback, and Ruthlessly Focus on Where You Need Help

Another way to strengthen your weight loss effort, is by focusing ruthlessly (or should I rather say AGGRESIVELY) on your strengths, as well as eliminate your weaknesses and negative thoughts, so that the mind and body will be on the same track, especially when it comes to weight loss.

To successfully condition the mind to achieve full weight loss, you can also seek advice, and constant critical feedback, to ensure that you are on the right track to losing weight. This means that you may need to get the services of a weight loss coach or mentor.

The mentor however should not just be there to spoon-feed you about the weight loss techniques or methods, but they should be there to teach you how to do things right, on your own.

Now, if you don’t have time or money for hiring a weight loss coach or mentor, then a knowledgeable friend or family member (an accountability partner) can be a good substitute, until you are able to reach a certain knowledge level, especially with regard to effectively losing weight.

If you wish to lose weight through the help of a weight loss coach or mentor, you can easily find one on the Internet (by typing “weight loss coach” in the search field). You can also visit health and wellness centers in your town or city, and personally talk to fitness experts, and get good weight-reduction ideas straight from them.

Weight loss programs like the Fat Loss Factor are also great options, because they provide users with expert advice, and users also receive step-by-step instructions on how to lose weight fast in an easy-to-understand manner.

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