5 Ways To Avoid Storing Fat While Eating Carbs

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates (carbs) are sugars that break down to create glucose. Glucose is our primary source of energy.

There are three forms of carbohydrates

5 Ways To Avoid Storing Fat While Eating CarbsThere are two types of carbs

5 Ways To Avoid Storing Fat While Eating CarbsHow do carbs affect the body’s insulin response?

Insulin is a powerful hormone that can be manipulated for optimum benefit. It enables the body to use the ingested carbohydrates in three ways: as an immediate energy source, to be stored as muscle glycogen or to be stored as body fat. Insulin is fat sparing.  This means that if there is an abundance of insulin, the body is stimulated to store more body fat.

5 ways to avoid storing fat while eating carbs:

1.- Consume more complex carbohydrates, and avoid simple carbohydrates, or sugary foods.

5 Ways To Avoid Storing Fat While Eating Carbs
Consume More Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are generally absorbed slower than simple carbohydrates, thus take longer for the body to digest. This helps to avoid blood glucose spikes.

2.- Consume simple carbs at the right times.

The best time to eat simple carbs are first thing in the morning and after your workout. These times are when your insulin sensitivity is at its highest, which means that you are able to consume carbs without releasing a lot of insulin.

5 Ways To Avoid Storing Fat While Eating CarbsFurthermore, after an intense workout session your body is depleted of glycogen and glucose, which is what provides you with the energy you need. Having carbs allows you to recover that energy avoiding the breakdown of your muscle tissue to fuel your body.

3.- Combine protein and fiber-filled carbs (do not combine fast digesting carbohydrates and fats in the same meal)

Protein + Fat Meals
Protein + Carb Meals

According to some experts, this will help stabilize insulin to keep your body in a fat-burning environment.  They say that it will also help your body use the extra carbs available for energy needs rather than store them as fat.

This may be a bit challenging for some people, but it is an option to consider.

4.- Choose whole grains instead of refined.

Refined sugars provide calories, but they lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Such simple sugars are often called “empty calories” and can lead to weight gain.

Studies show that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases (stroke, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, asthma, inflammatory disease, colorectal cancer, gum disease and tooth loss).

5.- Don´t overeat carbs even if they are healthy carbs.

Fruits and whole-grains are quality carbohydrates that are loaded with fiber. Although these foods offer a high nutrition density, you still shouldn´t eat lots of them since at the end, they also contain calories. This doesn´t apply for non-starchy vegetables since you can eat all you want of them.

Knowing what to eat is always a challenge learn here what to eat and the exercises you should do to burn those extra calories.

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